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School Readiness

 How we do it!

In our efforts to address the education/Head Start Transition to school needs of the children and families in our program, we provide you with a “Nine Point view”: 

1. Head Start provides each school district the following: immunization record, medical record, birth certificate, and a current physical. 

 2. The constant flows of dialogue between school and Head Start is positive. 

 3. Head Start teachers spends a day in a kindergarten classroom is a plus. 

 4. The school Librarian assisted with setting up Head Start’s library.

 5. The kindergarten teachers provide a list of materials that Head Start children will need to learn upon entering kindergarten. 

 6. All Head Start children received a Kindergarten Readiness Calendar at the beginning of the school year from the Arkansas Department of Education. 

 6. Head Start participates with all school districts in Family Night. Booths are displayed for Pre-K through third grade to enhance math and literacy skills. 

 7. Each school district provides a kindergarten teacher/principal to visit the Head Start centers to meet with parent.

 8. At the end of the year, each Head Start child receives a transitional packet.  This packet include: ‘Parent’s Guide After Head Start, Kindergarten Readiness Indicator’, Coloring Book with print enriched activities, Preschoolers Get Ready to Read, and Kindergarten Learn to Read.


Head Start Children visit area public schools for Step-up Day!

If you are interested in applying for Head Start, Early Head Start, Migrant & Seasonal Head Start or ABC services for your child/children please call: 870-763-0882 or 870-563-5912.

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