Healthy Life Style

It is important to stay focused on fitness.  Here are few points to get you started.

Healthy LifeStyle Workout

1st Stretching (2 X 10) Do movements twice with a 10 count

    Reach for the Sky

    One foot forward/One foot back (calf stretch)

    Cross-body Arm stretch

    One arm overhead stretch ( left & right)

    Seated leg spread stretch


2nd Warmups (2 X 10) do movements twice with a 10 count

    March in place

    Arm rotation (front & back)

    Neck rotation (left & right)

    Hip rotation (left & right)



    Push- ups/Assisted Push-up (Knees or exercise ball)

    Sit Up/assisted sit up (exercise ball)

    Jumping jacks

    Air Punching

    Front body cross knee lift

    Leg extensions


    Jog or Brisk walk  jog – 20 – 30 minutes   walk 30 – 45

    Cool downs    repeat warm – ups

    Do movements twice with a 7 count

    Mobility ( 2 X 7)   Repeat stretching movements

    Do movements twice with a 7 count

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